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Family Functional Medicine and Chiropractic Care in Florida

Improve Your Quality of Life and Achieve Optimal Health

Improving your quality of life involves considering all aspects affecting your health – not just your symptoms. Optimal You Wellness Center’s goal is to provide comprehensive health and wellness programs in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, to help you optimize your health through holistic and alternative health care for you and your entire family. Using clinical neurology, functional medicine, and chiropractic care, we evaluate the entirety of you as a person instead of only considering signs of illness. Aspects such as medical history, family history, lifestyle, nutrition, mental health and well-being, and much more are all a part of our holistic three-pronged approach: Trauma (neuroplasticity and chiropractic), Toxins (nutrition), and Thoughts (neuro systems, brain development, lifestyle).

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Become a Member of Our Optimal You Membership Program Today

Being a member of Optimal You’s Membership Program has its perks. Regardless of the amount of care you need, you can rest assured as a member that you receive optimal care for you and your family. We’re not a practice that pushes as many people through the door a day as we can, but instead spend quality time getting to know you, your family and the unique health challenges you’re facing.

Our Membership Program provides a holistic approach, ensuring body, mind and spirit are on their best path to healing, so you can be your optimal self. We work with you to learn the stressors, health issues, and unique needs you have, resulting in personalized nutrition, stress relief, and movement plans that fit your lifestyle. To learn more about the benefits of being a part of the Optimal You Membership Program, contact us today.

Your Personal Journey With Optimal You

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Discover a More Comprehensive Path to Healing

At Optimal You Wellness Center, you will receive the passionate, individualized care you deserve and discover a much more comprehensive, optimized path to healing. Our programs help all walks of life, at any period in your life, and for every member of your family. Our facility is located in Ponte Vedra Beach, but we also offer remote sessions and telehealth consulting, which allows us to treat anyone anywhere in the state of Florida. We are dedicated to cultivating an environment where open, genuine communication is encouraged, and as your new primary health care provider, we’ll ensure you are truly welcomed and heard. We invite everyone to our practice, to spread the word, and discover optimal health.

We are unique in the extra time and attention we give our patients. We understand every single person is different, and their diagnosis does not define them. We see the body as an integrated system with a master controller called the brain. We address every system of the body to ensure they are functioning optimally, allowing us to identify the root cause of the disease. We focus on family and view each patient as a member of our own.
– Dr. Thomas Romero of OYWC

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Wellness for the Entire Family

Optimal You Wellness Center is a family-owned and operated affair, and every one of our patients is a member of our family. We want to build a homey, loving, and fun environment where people can have open discussions, learn something new, and feel they are genuinely cared for. Through Dr. Lexie Romero and Dr. Thomas Romero and their compassionate care, you will attain real change and improvement in your life.


Optimal You Wellness Center

13000 Sawgrass Village Circle, Building 3 Suite 11
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082



Hours of Operation
Monday – Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday – Sunday: Closed

151 Sawgrass Corners Dr suite 102, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082, USA