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Author: Dr. Alexis Romero

We often think weight loss is the only reason for dieting. This couldn’t be more wrong. Modern medicine all started with food, diet, and natural remedies. As medicine has grown over the years, doctors have strayed from our roots and forgotten the powerful effects that diet, physical activity, and proper supplementation can have on our health and our bodies.

It is important to understand that all “healthy diets” are not created equal and don’t affect everyone in the same ways. The marketing of diets and supplements has been very misleading in this way. We underestimate the powerful effects of these ancient tools and boil them down to cheap and easy fixes. Individual biochemistry and the ability to affect it through ‘diet’ is one of the most overlooked and misused tools modern medicine has today. It’s important to understand the role that marketing has played in our view of dieting. The first thing to point out is that none of these fad diet concepts are new! There is no magic biological key that by not eating this or that will unlock your body’s ability to fast and massive weight loss.

Our bodies are not one size fits all, so why do we think diets should be? After being charmed over the years by the rebranding and repackaging of the same basic dieting programs, many of us are left feeling frustrated when we don’t get the desired results. The disappointment leads to this universal thought that diets just don’t work. It is partially true. Fad diets are not often a long-term healthy choice.

There are many factors that play into successful weight loss beyond just what you put into your mouth. If you are going to commit to a diet, these other factors need to be addressed simultaneously. You also need to choose a diet plan that is appropriate for your body or continue to be left feeling frustrated and discouraged. Weight loss is not the only benefit of eating healthy. Science is just starting to unlock the benefits of ‘individualized and proper dieting and how it can affect the presentation and prevention of pathology. Diet is something that needs to be tailored to your body and its specific needs. Supplementation should follow these same rules.

Without analysis of blood chemistry, physical state, health history, and the supplement itself, cheap supplements aren’t justified and frankly a waste of money. Considering most modern medications are founded on the same biological mechanisms and history as herbal supplements don’t you think they should be given the same respect? Consider seeking help from a medical professional to have blood chemistry analysis, and all other factors are taken into consideration before choosing your next New Year’s Diet plan.

Dr. Alexis Romero, DC is a Wellness and Nutrition professional in the Ponte Vedra area that conducts Blood Chemistry Analysis at her practice Optimal You Brain Centers 904-373-5852.

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