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Happy Holidays gift tag on a holiday background

Sometimes the Holidays can bring as much stress as they do joy. If you are not feeling as “cheerful” during this season, it’s okay! But let’s talk about some tips to help lower your stress levels to get you through the holidays.

1. Acknowledge Your Feelings

It’s important to recognize your feelings and acknowledge that what you are feeling is normal and justified. Don’t force yourself to be happy or to feel certain ways because it’s the holidays!

2. Seek Support

Don’t be afraid to reach out to loved ones, support groups, religious communities, social events or other communities for additional support. If traveling is not an option, most communities and support groups have virtual events.

3. Stick to a Budget

Try setting a budget for yourself for foods and gifts for the Holidays. Sometimes it can be stressful when shopping and trying to “buy happiness” isn’t the solution! If you go over budget a little it’s okay, but setting a boundary can be helpful. Some alternatives to Holiday shopping include homemade gifts, donations to charities, or hosting a gift exchange with families and friends!

4. Plan Ahead

Try to set aside specific days for when you want to cook, bake, shop, and spend time with family and friends. This can help to let you know what the day ahead is going to be like for you. In addition, creating small checklists for shopping lists or to-do’s can be little victories when crossing them off. To ease your stress load, try to see if you can order most of your items online to save you some extra time!

5. Say No

Do not overload yourself with responsibilities. This can result in higher stress levels and resentment. It’s okay to say no when you feel overwhelmed! If it’s not possible to say no, try to rearrange your schedule to where you can make up for lost time.

6. Don’t Abandon Healthy Habits

Try not to overindulge during the Holidays. This can lead to increased stress and guilt. Sticking to your routine of exercise, healthy eating and getting plenty of sleep are important!

7. Rethink Your Resolutions

When thinking about your New Year’s resolutions, start small and be realistic. You want to set yourself up for success! If you do not reach your resolution, it’s okay, remember to be kind to yourself.

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