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I have been seeing Lexie since about 3 months into my pregnancy. She helped relieve my sciatic nerve and lower back pain as well as get my baby in the perfect delivery position. I am 6 months post partum and my son has had bad reflux since birth. I decided to take him in for an exam and adjustment because honestly I have tried everything else at this point! We had our first adjustment Wednesday and my son who usually spits up 3-4 times per DAY has spit up a total of three times in 4 days. I’m in awe! Not only has his reflux drastically improved, we noticed he was only rolling over to his right for the past month or so. During the exam, Lexie found that his hip was out slightly and she adjusted accordingly. Today, he rolled to his left for the first time ever! We will be returning next week to work on everything again and keep improving! She is gentle, patient and so sweet! Highly recommend!

Pregnancy & Pediatric Chiropractic

Dr. Romero has been patiently helping my son who has a severe TBI caused by a car accident. He really cares about his patient’s well being and my son responds well to him. He’s using Functional Neurology to maximize his potential for rehabilitation and we are seeing him slowly progress.

Traumatic Brain Injury

I’ve never been to a chiropractor that actually cared so much! Talk about full service and going the extra mile! I have chronic knee pain and feel 100% better after my treatments. Thank you!

Knee Pain

I saw both Mrs. Dr. Romero and Mr. Dr. Romero and they are amazing! I just had twins and can’t wait to take them!

Newborn Babies

If you want to go to an office where you are treated like family by a team that truly cares then I highly recommend OYBC!

Make Us Feel Like Home!

I want to share with the whole world the wonderful work that Drs. Tommy and Lexie Romero do at Optimal You Beyond Chiropractic. The therapies that they implemented over the last few months have dramatically changed my son’s health! My son JR (to protect his identity) is a teenager and has high functioning autism. By the end of his freshman year of high school, he was presenting with depression and anxiety. Upon his primary doctor’s suggestion, we put him on a mild anti-depressant. Within a couple of weeks he began to have a horrible allergic reaction to it and the medication was switched and added to. He still continued the reaction and we decided to take him off all pharmaceuticals which was a good thing because later genetic testing showed that ALL of the depression and anxiety medications except one specific one were significantly contraindicated for him. So we were playing Russian roulette with these medicines. A completely natural approach was our only option. In the middle of this scary situation we discovered OYBC and began working with both Lexie and Tommy. I was familiar with Interactive Metronome because our two mid-20s children had experienced the benefits of it when they were in elementary school. We committed to the doctors’ recommended therapy program of IM/brain therapy with Tommy and functional medicine with Lexie. In addition we started our son in counseling. The doctors took so much care and time to explain what was happening in JR’s brain and body that was causing the depression and anxiety. His brain function was unbalanced, under stimulated in some areas and over stimulated in others. Blood tests revealed toxicity, inflammation and compromised gut health. JR went through a detox program and then an anti-inflammatory diet with Lexie. This program may sound daunting to most parents but I highly recommend bribery with your kids. It worked with JR – his full cooperation in return for a Nintendo Switch. Three months later we have a child that does not resemble the one we brought into their office. He has gone from barely responsive and withdrawn to a happy, expressive child. He now smiles in pictures, laughs heartily and kids around with us (when he doesn’t have the teenager attitude). He went from being afraid to even sign up for theater tech crew his Freshman year to being a brave Sophomore trying out for the musical, singing and dancing when he has never sung or danced a day in his life! His testing shows dramatically improved brain function and greatly reduced and mostly resolved toxicity, inflammation and gut health. Though staying on the intense diet isn’t feasible forever, it is working well keeping most inflammatory foods out or reduced from his diet. Our son’s social difficulties due to autism (theory of mind) are improving too. His awareness of how his actions and reactions to others is greater as well as his compassion and trying to understand how others are thinking and feeling. To whoever is reading this testimony, if your child is struggling, I encourage you to make the commitment with Tommy and Lexie and embark on this life-changing journey towards better health. They are doctors who care deeply and want to help children and adults achieve their optimal health. I can’t thank them enough for “uncovering” our son. I truly feel his trajectory in life has been changed because of them. A thousand ‘Thank yous’ Tommy and Lexie!

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Depression

Words cannot express my gratitude towards Dr. Thomas Romero. My son has suffered from chronic migraines since he was a year old (eight years). We turned to traditional medicine and found no relief. The only option we were given from his medical Doctor was pain relievers. We found relief in Chiropractic! After a couple of visits with Dr. Romero he was migraine FREE and has not suffered a migraine since. I will forever be thankful. An added bonus- both Dr. Romeros are wonderful and nice people. My son looked forward to his visits. I would recommend both Doctors.

Chronic Migraines

Dr. Thomas Romero is working with my son to help him with his ADD/ADHD utilizing Neuroplasticity Care, NSI Training-Cognitive Improvement, Active Rehab, Interactive Metronome engagement, Chiropractic exams & adjustments, and at-home treatments. Paolo truly enjoys Dr. Thomas Romero, his care, treatments, great fun, professional personality. I think both Dr. Thomas Romero and Dr. Lexi Romero have a great practice here in Ponte Vedra Beach offering unique personal health plans for all ages by providing chiropractic care, functional medicine, Neuroplasticity therapies in a calm environment. Thank you both for all you are doing to help with my son’s overall wellbeing.

Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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